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World War Alliance Codes

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World Ware Alliance Codes are unique identifiers used to increase your alliance.

Increase your alliance by adding your World War alliance code below. The most recent 1,200 World War codes are displayed. Add your alliance code to move it to the top of the list. Recruit the World War codes below.

A bigger alliance size gives you an advantage over other players in the game. It allows you to use more units. Build the number of your units and your alliance.

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Enter Alliance Code

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How to Recruit World War Codes


World War Alliance Codes are unique identifiers of other players. More alliance members allow you to command more units. Building alliance members and recruiting alliance codes is a part of the game. The number of alliance members you can use depends on your level. You can use 5X your level. Each alliance member commands 6 units.

For example, if you were at level 10, the number of alliance members you can use for the war is 5x10 = 50. Each alliance member uses 6 units so 50x6 = 300 units.

Step 1: Open the world war App

Storm8 World War Fig1

Open the Storm8 World War App in your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. At the Home screen, press "Recruit" on the lower right hand corner.





















Step 2: Recruit Alliance Codes

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Enter one of the World War Alliance Codes from the recruit alliance codes list above then press "Invite". You should get a "Success" message if the Alliance Code was valid. If the Alliance Code was not valid, you will get a "Failure" message. Repeat this step until you have the maximum number of alliance for your level.




















Step 3: Add Your Alliance Code

Don't forget to add your World War Code to the alliance codes list. Enter your World War Alliance Code and click on "Add Code". If you don't know what your alliance code is, it's at the middle of the Recruit Screen or the Home Screen as shown in the pictures above.